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Teamwork Town is a simulated city created by the Second Year Game Devs of 2021. Each student chose an aspect of the simulation to develop with the intention of creating integrated modular systems.


- Bradley Williams - Traffic Systems.

Chris Solomon - Day/Night Cycle, Weather, Disasters, & News.

- Coenraad William Basson - Pedestrian Pathfinding & AI.

- Gerbrandt van der Walt - Building Damage & Repairs.

- Jacques Geldenhuis - Water & Waste System

Jonatan / Wr3nch4476 - Shops.

Nikita Naidoo - Emergency Response Systems.

- Roxanne - Farm.

- Ruan Lombaard - City Generation.

- Zama Dhlamini - Sea Harbour.


Jared Brandjes.

Walter Ellis.


Teamwork Town.zip 43 MB

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