A downloadable game for Windows

Tumble your way through a daring gauntlet of luck, lava, dungeons, and dice. 

Take a chance on a sneaky shortcut or get ahead by aiming for beneficial boosts, but be wary of tricky traps. 

Challenge your friends in this Multiplayer Rush to become the one and only Lord of the Dice.

Jared Brandjes - Lead Dev / UI / Networking 
Paulo Vilela - Lead Art / VFX / Level Design
Christiaan De Jager - Level Design / Dev
Marnus Labuschagne - Dev / VFX / Networking
Deniell De Vries - Dev / Sound
Chris Solomon - Dev / UI
Christiene van der Merwe - Dev
Gareth Jabobs - 3D Art
Nikita Naidoo - UI Art
Jean-Bernard Willers - 3D Art
Marius Geldenhuys - 3D Art / Level Design / VFX
John Owhin - Level Design
Alyssa Coetzee - Concept Art
Alister Heyns - Concept Art
Jonathan Bala - QA


RollWithIt_0.3_WIN.zip 34 MB

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