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Some inevitabilities are too guaranteed to try and delay. Why not assist fate and rid this beautiful island of its pesky Dodo Infestation so you can have all the berries for yourself? 

Chase, Torment, and Terrify a flock of below average intelligence dodos. Help them in their journey to fall into lava, off cliffs, through fire, or just about anything without a railing. Arm yourself with Squawks and Sin to do unto these poor excuses for life what they might just do to themselves anyway. This is Dumb Ways to Dodo.


Jared Brandjes: Lead Developer / UI Designer

Paulo Vilela: Lead 3D Artist / 3D Animator / Developer

Christiaan De Jager: Lead Level Designer / World Builder / Developer

Chris Solomon: Lead Sound Designer / Developer

Marnus Koekemoer: World Builder / 3D Artist / 3D Animator / Sound Designer / VFX

Marius Geldenhuys: World Builder / 3D Artist / Sound Designer / VFX

Alyssa Coetzee: Concept Artist

John Owhin: UI Designer

Andrew Nel: 3D Artist

William Basson: Moral Support / Developer


Dumb Ways To Dodo.zip 53 MB

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