Post-jam update

During our final few hours of the Ludum Dare, and as always, we were scrambling to finalise a decent working and feature-rich build of the game. As these things go, and as stated by old man Murphy, what can go wrong, will. The high score wouldn't work, we only had a VR build and no promotional materials (still to come ;)). The visual fidelity also seemed to degrade between our day two and three builds but no time was left to attend to this. On the final day we also decided that some of our core mechanics were lacking and so scrapped some and added a few more.

A week later and we've got some updates, fixes and improvements to round the game off and more importantly a keyboard and mouse control set, to allow anyone to test the game out without VR.

We've enhanced the visuals, improved gameplay, fixed that high score, and focused the mission of the game. Check out the git for the full change log.


Doesn't Add Up - 0.3 - Post Jam - VR & Non-VR 63 MB
May 03, 2018

Get Doesn't Add Up [LDJam41]

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